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A Blast From the Past: The Rokos Group Makes the Cover of Modern Healthcare

A CEO search at the smallest hospital in California became national news when The Rokos Group and the firm’s client were featured on <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

4 Primary Considerations When Creating Your Organizational Profile

When a client retains The Rokos Group to assist with an executive or director search, one of our first steps is <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

preparing your resume

Preparing Your Resume for an Executive Search Firm

When preparing your resume for a specific job offering, you naturally tailor the content to cater to the opportunity’s specific <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

Land Your Dream Job: How to Find an Executive Recruiter

In many industries, executive search firms act as gatekeepers to upper-level positions. Organizations choose to hire recruiters to fill these positions, <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

You’ve Retained an Executive Search Firm, Now What?

After weighing your options and the cost of hiring the wrong person for a top position in your healthcare organization, <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

Build a Relationship with a Retained Executive Search Firm

As an executive, your qualifications and requirements for your next position become more and more precise, as you become more and <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

How to Get the Most Out of Your Retained Executive Search Firm

When filling director and executive level positions, you want to find the actual-best available candidate for your job opening – not just <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

The True Cost of Bad Hires: Why You Need an Executive Search Firm

Different sources report varying estimates for the monetary losses incurred after hiring the wrong individual. The U.S. Department of Labor <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

The Difference Between Retained Executive Search Firms and Contingency Recruiters

Whether you represent a healthcare organization seeking the perfect candidate to fill an opening or you’re an individual looking for the <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

qualified healthcare candidates

How to Attract Qualified Healthcare Candidates to Your Organization

Simply posting a job opening on your website or in online listings is often not enough to attract qualified healthcare <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

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6 Reasons to Hire a Healthcare Executive Search Firm

When a healthcare organization needs to fill its top positions (Director through C-Suite), it is essential that hiring managers select <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>

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Three Best Practices for Selecting the Right Healthcare Leaders

At the helm of their companies and organizations, healthcare leaders – CEOs, COOs, CNOs, etc. – are often compared to ship <a class="read-more" href="">[...]</a>