A Blast From the Past: The Rokos Group Makes the Cover of Modern Healthcare

A CEO search at the smallest hospital in California became national news when The Rokos Group and the firm’s client were featured on the May 21, 2001, cover of Modern Healthcare Weekly. Titled, “Island Fever,” the industry publication told the story of a unique island hospital, 26 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, in desperate need of support…

4 Primary Considerations When Creating Your Organizational Profile

When a client retains The Rokos Group to assist with an executive or director search, one of our first steps is to create a profile of the organization and the position to be filled. The critical insights gained while profiling an organization allow our principals to identify and select a shortlist of candidates, who are not only…

Preparing Your Resume for an Executive Search Firm

When preparing your resume for a specific job offering, you naturally tailor the content to cater to the opportunity’s specific role and requirements. When preparing a resume intended for retained executive search firms, you don’t know for which opportunities you might be considered. Bear in mind that these professionals focus on matching available positions with the right…

Land Your Dream Job: How to Find an Executive Recruiter

In many industries, executive search firms act as gatekeepers to upper-level positions. Organizations choose to hire recruiters to fill these positions, rather than publicly advertising such coveted job openings. A retained executive search firm offering a highly polished level of service will not spread its firm too thin by attempting to work in multiple industries. Instead,…

You've Retained an Executive Search Firm, Now What?

After weighing your options and the cost of hiring the wrong person for a top position in your healthcare organization, you have finally decided to retain an executive search firm to assist you with the hiring process. Congratulations on making a positive decision for the future of your organization, but this decision is only the beginning of…

Build a Relationship with a Retained Executive Search Firm

As an executive, your qualifications and requirements for your next position become more and more precise, as you become more and more experienced. As a result, searching for your next career opportunity and finding the right fit can be daunting – especially when several organizations do not publicly advertise openings in upper-level positions. If these organizations never advertise…

How to Get the Most Out of Your Retained Executive Search Firm

When filling director and executive level positions, you want to find the actual-best available candidate for your job opening – not just the best person who sees your advertisement. When you retain an executive search firm to assist you with the hiring process, you gain the ability to advertise your opportunity to a pool of highly qualified candidates. With a retained…

The True Cost of Bad Hires: Why You Need an Executive Search Firm

Different sources report varying estimates for the monetary losses incurred after hiring the wrong individual. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates the true cost of bad hires to be around 30 percent of the individual’s salary. While other experts report the cost ranging from $50,000 up to $240,000. The CEO of Zappos once estimated the true cost bad hires had cost his…

The Difference Between Retained Executive Search Firms and Contingency Recruiters

Whether you represent a healthcare organization seeking the perfect candidate to fill an opening or you’re an individual looking for the right employment opportunity, you might decide to either hire or contact an executive recruiter. No two employment agencies, recruiters or search firms are the same. Different types of executive search firms use different methods, have varying fee…

"The overall experience was positive, I was very impressed with the response time…anytime I reached out to Rokos Group, I felt like I was their only client and that was very important to me.

Wah-Chung H., Chief Financial Officer

"I don't know of any other retained search firm that offers a shared-risk fee structure, creative use of recorded video, and highly insightful job-fit assessment testing like Rokos Group. I recommend them without reservation."

Dan A., President & CEO

"I had the privilege of working with The Rokos Group on a recent search which resulted in a very positive hire. The entire process was very organized, was very clear, but most importantly, the candidates that were put in front of me were all qualified for the position…and that’s not always the case when you work with a search firm.

Gloria S., Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

"I found my experience with The Rokos Group to be much different from any of my previous experiences, particularly as a client … the personalized approach to me as a candidate made me feel very important to the process.

John P., Vice President, Human Resources


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