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As a premier retained executive search firm, The Rokos Group is dedicated to providing client satisfaction through a timely, organized search process that is guaranteed to maximize results. We ensure each of our clients receive a highly personalized, hands-on experience with each engagement. Our firm's principals personally handle every step in the recruitment and placement process, ensuring quality, efficiency, and results. Our care, attention to detail, and unique use of web-based video establish The Rokos Group as one of the preeminent healthcare executive search firms.


Organization Profile

At the start of a search, The Rokos Group conducts meetings with key stakeholders to develop a keen understanding of the organization, its goals, and expectations for the new executive. During this discovery phase, we acquire accurate, in-depth knowledge so that we can accurately represent the position and the organization in the marketplace. These sessions provide us with critical insight into the nuances and intricacies of each search assignment, enabling us to identify a shortlist of highly qualified candidates from which to select the right person for the role.

“[The Rokos Group] really took the time to understand the organization, its values, and strategy, which is very different from other groups that I’ve dealt with.”Bala Chandrasekhar, Chief Medical Officer, Methodist Hospital of Southern California


Assessment and Review

Upon completion of our meetings, we create a detailed position specification, which provides information about the organization and the opportunity, and defines the goals and objectives of the role. It also describes the attributes and experiences desired in the new executive. We consult with our clients upfront about any potential challenges or roadblocks, and also relay any difficulties we encounter during the search process so that we can find appropriate solutions. We maintain clear communication with clients at all times to ensure expectations are being met and a successful outcome is achieved.

“I didn’t have to search for the information [because Greg] pushed the information to me. I always knew where we were in the process.” – Gloria Sanchez-Rico, Chief Nursing Officer, Huntington Hospital


Identification of Candidates

We conduct a national search using a variety of resources, technologies, and strategies to market opportunities and develop an outstanding slate of interested candidates. We focus on qualified individuals whose education, experience, style, and accomplishments match our client’s needs. We also work with any internal candidates by assessing their level of interest and qualifications in comparison to the external candidates we identify.

“I have worked with The Rokos Group for nearly 20 years and they have always been able to find and present outstanding candidates who were not actively looking to make a change.  Their ability to make contact with these leaders and professionally present our opportunities is why I continue to call upon them for key searches.” Wayne Cassard, Market Director Human Resources, The Valley Health System


Candidate Screening

We review profiles and conduct initial screenings of interested candidates. Upon determining their level of qualification and interest, we provide serious candidates with a complete position specification document which contains video introductions from key members of the administrative team. We then interview the best candidates, either in person or via video. We never present candidates before they successfully pass this critical evaluation.

“We have consistently heard from executive candidates presented by The Rokos Group that they appreciate the professionalism, transparency and high level of communication provided their consultants and in particular, Mark Lukacs who leads our search efforts.” – David Culberson, CEO, San Joaquin General Hospital


Reference and Verification of Credentials

We verify all required educational degrees, professional licenses and/or certifications of all candidates presented. We also conduct thorough references with current and former employers, supervisors and professional peers to verify accomplishments and gain insight into each candidate’s style and personality.

“The references provided by The Rokos Group goes well beyond the typical surface reference.  The transcripts we are provided clearly represent a thorough conversation and provide meaningful insight into the accomplishments and style of the candidate.  We find these to be extremely helpful to us in our evaluation process.” – John Friel, CEO, Bear Valley Community Hospital


Presentation of Candidates

After successful video or in-person interviews, we present candidates for consideration, providing resumes, recorded video introductions from each candidate, references, and education verification. We assist with the candidate selection process and assist with travel arrangements when appropriate.

“I found the candidate profiles to be a lot more informative than I’ve seen with other search firms. They actually caught certain aspects of the candidates’ experience that I didn’t see when I went through the resume myself.” – Wah-chung Hsu, Chief Financial Officer, San Antonio Regional Hospital


Communication and Negotiation

We engage in timely communication with clients and candidates upon completion of interviews and provide valuable feedback to both parties. We also assist with negotiations regarding compensation, benefits, relocation, etc.

“I have worked with several search firms in my career and I believe Greg Rokos to be the best at not only helping an organization prepare to conduct a successful search, but at handling the often delicate and uncomfortable negotiation phase of the search.” – Dan Ausman, President & CEO, Methodist Hospital


Post Placement

We maintain communication with clients and executive placements for one full year to ensure a smooth transition into the new role.

“The Rokos Group has placed several leaders with our hospital and in each case, they have stayed in regular communication with us and their placements.  They are clearly interested in a long-term relationship and provide assistance long after the placement is made.” Felice Loverso, Ph.D., President & CEO, Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare



If for any reason our placement is terminated or leaves voluntarily during the first year of employment, The Rokos Group will conduct a search for a replacement without any additional professional fees.

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