People often ask us what makes Rokos Group unique. What really sets us apart in the eyes of our clients and candidates is our experience, commitment, and innovation.

The Partners at Rokos Group have 30 years of experience as executive search consultants focused entirely on the healthcare industry representing hospitals, medical groups, health plans, life sciences organizations and universities during that time. Our team brings over 50 years of combined experience to our searches and are committed to delivering results through a professional, hands-on and personalized approach. Our innovative use of video throughout the search process is unique in the industry and enriches the entire search experience. This approach allows our clients to provide a firsthand explanation of the opportunity, while allowing executives to share in the presentation of their own candidacy. This method has been enthusiastically embraced and proven to be more efficient and effective for clients and candidates. Our industry experience, commitment, and innovation elevates the search process and sets us apart as a premier healthcare executive search firm.



Our Partners have over 50 years combined experience placing critical leadership roles in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries and are passionate about helping clients recruit great talent and helping talented leaders advance their careers. The result -- finding the best leaders in your field that will have the greatest contributions to your organization.



Our innovative use of web-based videos has been at our core from the onset. We feel strongly that this creates a dynamic interview process that gives both parties a deeper sense of fit from a leadership and cultural perspective. As pioneering founders of one of the first video interview technology companies, we have seen the value this type of interaction can deliver.



Our shared risk fee structure based on mutually agreed upon milestones gives our clients peace of mind that we are in it together for a successful outcome. We continue to engage with both parties over the first year to ensure fit and cohesion. If a placement leaves or is terminated during that year we offer a replacement search to you at no cost.



Our search techniques go beyond other search firms. We use our vast network and digital expertise to enhance the marketing of the position and reach even the most passive candidates. By broadening the search radius, we are able to deliver the best suited candidates based upon what you are seeking and presenting only candidates that are sincerely interested in the role.



Our in-depth candidate assessment goes one step further to analyze fit based upon a job specific profile, ensuring the candidate is the best match not only from a leadership and cultural perspective, but specifically to the designated role. This assures the executive can meet the demands of their position and deliver outstanding leadership to their teams.



Diversity and inclusion are key values at Rokos Group. Numerous studies have shown the positive impacts a culturally diverse organization can deliver. In the past 36 months over 97 percent of our presented candidate slates have included female and/or diversity candidates. Over 50% of our placements were female and 20% racially diverse. During candidate sourcing we utilize our years of expertise and long-standing network to locate a wider pool of candidates with diversity considerations always top of mind.

"I don't know of any other retained search firm that offers a shared-risk fee structure, creative use of recorded video, and highly insightful job-fit assessment testing like Rokos Group. I recommend them without reservation."

Dan A., President & CEO

"I had the privilege of working with The Rokos Group on a recent search which resulted in a very positive hire. The entire process was very organized, was very clear, but most importantly, the candidates that were put in front of me were all qualified for the position…and that’s not always the case when you work with a search firm.

Gloria S., Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

"The overall experience was positive, I was very impressed with the response time…anytime I reached out to Rokos Group, I felt like I was their only client and that was very important to me.

Wah-Chung H., Chief Financial Officer

"I found my experience with The Rokos Group to be much different from any of my previous experiences, particularly as a client … the personalized approach to me as a candidate made me feel very important to the process.

John P., Vice President, Human Resources

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