A CEO search at the smallest hospital in California became national news when The Rokos Group and the firm’s client were featured on the May 21, 2001, cover of Modern Healthcare Weekly.

Titled, “Island Fever,” the industry publication told the story of a unique island hospital, 26 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, in desperate need of support from a dedicated, highly experienced CEO who wasn’t afraid to get his or her hands dirty and who also possessed the financial chops to act as an inventive CFO, as well. The Rokos Group worked hand-in-hand with Avalon Municipal Hospital and Clinic to nail down three non-negotiable requirements of the position:

  1. The individual must agree to live on the island.
  2. The person also had to have extensive experience working in a rural setting and a strong financial background.
  3. The individual needed to have a desire and track record of taking a hands-on approach. They needed someone with the sort of dedication that would lead them to always be present (say, if a leak sprung in the roof at 3 a.m.).

If the requirements of the hospital weren’t already steep enough, life on Santa Catalina Island also presented unusual requirements for the position. For example, the person to take the job (plus, his or her spouse and family) would need to be able to live within the island’s unusual housing availability, costs, and transportation requirements, being willing to boat to and from the mainland and forgo having a vehicle (other than a golf cart) available on the island.

Despite the many challenges and idiosyncrasies that made this position so difficult to fill effectively, The Rokos Group waded through a pool of nearly 100 applicants, many of whom withdrew after coming to terms with the job location’s responsibilities and implications. Ultimately, they identified not one, but four finalists — all qualified, willing, and wanting — to take the position.

In the end, Avalon city selected William Greene, who was ready to face the unique problems, namely financial, challenging the hospital’s continued existence. Greene remained the dedicated CEO of Avalon Municipal Hospital and Clinic for five years, longer than any of the island hospital’s previous CEOs at that time, demonstrating how The Rokos Group has truly mastered the art professional matchmaking.

With Over 25 Years of Experience, What Sets The Rokos Group Apart Today?

It’s old news that The Rokos Group offers perfect pairings — not of great wines with cheese, but of outstanding healthcare executives with the perfect professional opportunities. Today, The Rokos Group is still hard at work making perfect healthcare executive employment matches.

The Rokos Group works personally with each of their clients, implementing a highly individualized approach to the candidate search and selection process, successfully filling director and executive-level positions across the healthcare industry. In addition to their historically proven white-glove approach, they have also revolutionized the executive search process, making use of cutting-edge technology and digital video. Our team’s history is one of such success that candidates often turn clients, choosing to partner with The Rokos Group for the duration of their careers.

To learn more about our executive search and candidate placement process or contracting with The Rokos Group, we welcome you to contact us today.

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