When a client retains The Rokos Group to assist with an executive or director search, one of our first steps is to create a profile of the organization and the position to be filled. The critical insights gained while profiling an organization allow our principals to identify and select a shortlist of candidates, who are not only highly qualified to fill the position, but who will also fit in seamlessly.

Consider the following questions when building your organizational profile and video:

1. What does the available position require and what expectations do you have for the individual who will fill the role?

Your answers to these questions will help us identify candidates who have the proper level of knowledge, education and experience necessary to fulfill the duties and responsibilities required by the role.

2. What is your organization’s future strategy, plans, and goals for the new hire? Do you have a strategic reason for bringing a new individual into your organization?

Are you looking to expand or add a new department? Perhaps your organization is facing fiduciary challenges and would benefit from hiring an individual with savvy budgeting skills. Based on your goals and strategic plans, we will help you select a candidate with a proven track record and history of successfully completing relevant projects and meeting similar goals in their previous career history.

3. Where and how does your organization fit into the overall marketplace?

Does your organization have any specific qualities which differentiate it from your competitors? How does your organization rank in size? Considering these questions can help us identify individuals who specialize in the right areas or those who are poised to succeed in an organization like yours.

4. How does your organization define its values and how would you describe those values?

An organization’s values have a lot to do with its culture. How does the organization operate? In which direction does information typically flow (from the top down, from the bottom up, or both)? Consider what makes your workplace and team unique, special, and desirable.

How Video Has Revolutionized the Hiring Process with The Rokos Group

We not only take the time to meet with key members of your organization in order to develop a thorough understanding of the organization, its goals, and your expectations, we also take video interviews of your key individuals to be included with your organization’s position specifications. This benefits the hiring process in four primary ways:

  1. Your organization’s opportunity stands out to candidates and is more memorable.
  2. Video allows hiring leaders to become more directly involved in the process.
  3. Your organization’s message will be heard by many potential candidates, but only has to be spoken once.
  4. Video provides candidates a more personal hiring experience which gives them clearer insight into the organization’s culture and into whether they see themselves as good fit for the opportunity.

Using video technology, The Rokos Group will help you identify the right candidate to join your organization.

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