As an executive, your qualifications and requirements for your next position become more and more precise, as you become more and more experienced. As a result, searching for your next career opportunity and finding the right fit can be daunting – especially when several organizations do not publicly advertise openings in upper-level positions. If these organizations never advertise these career opportunities, then how do executives find them?

Developing relationships with an executive search firm can help you access these opportunities. Although executive recruiters work for their clients (hiring organizations), they do not charge executives to join their pools of potential candidates, which gives you passive access to a plethora of career opportunities you wouldn’t be able to access on your own.

6 Tips for Developing Relationships with Retained Executive Recruiters

1. Be Visible

Recruiters actively observe their industries, looking for potential candidates and clients. Participate in your industry and professional association. Become a thought leader by publishing on social platforms. Speak at events or join discussion panels in your industry.

2. Answer the Phone

Some executive recruiters cold call potential clients and candidates. Take their calls. Ask about their process and decide whether or not they are a good fit.

3. Be Honest

Be upfront and honest about your career goals, desired compensation and location preferences.

4. Ask Questions

Ask the recruiter why they have contacted or selected you for an interview and, given an interview, ask detailed questions about the opportunity.

5. Reach Out

If you haven’t been contacted, reach out to a retained executive search firm to inquire about potential opportunities or submitting a resume. Although the firm might not have the right opportunity for you at the time, they will keep your information on file for future openings.

6. Look for Industry Specialists

To find relevant opportunities, develop relationships with recruiters who specialize in your industry.

We Transform Candidates into Clients: Begin a Long-Term Relationship with The Rokos Group

At The Rokos Group, we specialize in director and executive level job recruitment for the healthcare industry. We match the right candidates with the right positions in order to develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships. When we place the perfect candidate in the right position, we often transform satisfied candidates into future clients. Contact us today to learn more about career opportunities in the healthcare industry.

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