After weighing your options and the cost of hiring the wrong person for a top position in your healthcare organization, you have finally decided to retain an executive search firm to assist you with the hiring process. Congratulations on making a positive decision for the future of your organization, but this decision is only the beginning of what will prove to be a fruitful relationship between you and your recruiter. Read on to learn what happens next, what you can do to get the most out of your partnership and what you should expect from the process.

What Happens Next?

The first step in your recruiter’s process is all about gathering information. We will meet with you in person to gain as much knowledge about your organization and the requirements of your open positions. This phase will also include phone conversations and email communication.

Make the Most of This Opportunity

The more information you provide your retained executive search firm, the better. Be honest about the climate and culture in your organization and be very clear about expectations regarding the open position. What responsibilities does the job entail? What type of experience and education should your ideal candidate have? What else are you looking for in a candidate and what would attract top candidates to a career opportunity with you?

What Should You Expect?

After gathering information, your search firm will tap their pool of applicants and resumes to find the most qualified for your job. We will help you vet resumes of those you wish to interview and assist you with the rest of the interview and negotiation process.

Get Exceptional Service and Exceptional Client Communication with The Rokos Group

The Rokos Group is ahead of the curve in recruiting for the healthcare industry. We provide our clients clear lines of communication and transparency throughout the search process. From the moment your organization retains us for its next search, principals at The Rokos Group begin building their relationship with you. We strive to learn everything we can about your organization, its culture and the requirements of your open director and executive-level positions in order to locate a group of highly qualified and thoroughly vetted candidates. To learn more about our process or to inquire about the status of your executive candidate search, we welcome you to contact us today.