Whether you represent a healthcare organization seeking the perfect candidate to fill an opening or you’re an individual looking for the right employment opportunity, you might decide to either hire or contact an executive recruiter. No two employment agencies, recruiters or search firms are the same. Different types of executive search firms use different methods, have varying fee structures and work in very different ways. So, how do you decide which recruitment firm is the right choice for you or your organization?

While it’s important to find an agency that offers the level of service you desire, you should also know and understand the difference between the most common two types of agencies, contingency recruiters and retained search firms, and the implications of those differences.

Contingency Recruiter

  • Simultaneously work with and try to place as many clients as possible
  • Provide a limited scope of service
  • Usually do not vet resumes, perform candidate research or conduct interviews
  • Do not necessarily match clients with candidates based on compatibility
  • Paid upon candidate placement

Retained Search Firm

  • Work with only a select few clients at a time
  • Provide a high-level of exclusive, client-oriented service
  • Select potential candidates from a pool of long-term contacts with vetted credentials
  • Specialize in matching client opportunities with the right candidates
  • Paid a retainer fee up-front for consulting services

Why Select a Retained Executive Search Firm?

Both clients and candidates benefit from working with retained executive search firms, rather than contingency recruiters, because retained firms truly work for their clients – not for the rapid collection of contingency employee placement fees. As a result, retainer firms stick with their clients and candidates until open positions are filled with exceptional candidates.

What Sets The Rokos Groups Apart from Other Executive Search Firms?

The Rokos Group’s principals work one-on-one with both clients and candidates in the healthcare industry to develop long-term relationships. By getting to know our candidates, clients and their organizations inside and out, we are able to match the right individuals with the right positions. We pair time-tested methods with the clever use of video technology to streamline the hiring process, ensuring satisfied clients and candidates with every placement.

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