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qualified healthcare candidatesSimply posting a job opening on your website or in online listings is often not enough to attract qualified healthcare candidates, let alone draw top talent to your organization. When hiring to fill director-level through C-Suite positions in your healthcare organization, attracting qualified healthcare candidates is essential. The next time a top position in your organization opens up, consider the following advice to draw interest from the best candidates.

Post Clear and Accurate Job Descriptions

When you advertise an open position, it is essential that the language is clear and easy to understand (try to avoid jargon). You should also include thorough and honest descriptions of the position’s requirements. This will ensure only individuals who are actually qualified for the job apply.

Reach Out to All Potential Hires

You might receive dozens of applications for a job opening. It is important to respond to everyone who applies for the position, even if just to let them know they are not an exact match. This initial contact will open up communication, allowing for transparency throughout the process.

Respect the Value of Candidates’ Time

Your potential candidates’ time is extremely valuable; be sure not to waste it. Be punctual, keep appointments for phone and in-person interviews, respond to queries in a timely manner and provide simple channels for communication and submitting application materials.

Hire an Executive Search Firm

Healthcare executive search firms help your organization attract top talent by representing your organization with the utmost professionalism and providing open channels for communication throughout the application process. In addition, hiring an executive search firm comes with access to the firm’s network of contacts, a pre-existing pool of qualified candidates. These candidates have already placed their trust in the executive search firm, and they will be more willing to consider opportunities with your organization because the opportunities will come from a firm with which they have already partnered.

Attract Qualified Candidates for Director and C-Level Healthcare Positions with The Rokos Group

The Rokos Group works on behalf of healthcare organizations to attract and vet qualified healthcare candidates for Director through C-Suite positions. Our principals, Greg Rokos and Mark Lukacs, personally oversee every step of the search and hiring process, providing candidates and organizations with a professionalism, experience and a highly personalized approach.

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