In many industries, executive search firms act as gatekeepers to upper-level positions. Organizations choose to hire recruiters to fill these positions, rather than publicly advertising such coveted job openings.

A retained executive search firm offering a highly polished level of service will not spread its firm too thin by attempting to work in multiple industries. Instead, retained firms who do their jobs and do them exceptionally well focus on individual industries, becoming experts in both the employee search and job search landscape by getting to know and building relationships with the top players in the industry.

If you are a job candidate, hoping to access desirable positions in your field and working to build relationships with executive search firms, then you will benefit from identifying and contacting retained executive search firms that work specifically in your industry.

How to Find an Executive Recruiter in Your Industry

Ask Colleagues

Don’t be afraid to ask around your network or make contact with individuals who work in top organizations about their search and application experience. Odds are a lot of the people you know working in your industry found their jobs through a few top search firms.

Contact Employers

If you have your eye on a particular organization, contact their human resources department to ask about their hiring process. If you have a strong resume, they will likely be happy to refer you to their preferred recruiting firm.

Scour Recruiter Directories

Both free and subscription-based recruiter directories exist online. Start with a couple of freebies: and

Search LinkedIn

You should be able to locate recruiters in your industry by browsing recruiter profiles on LinkedIn.

Inquire with Trade Groups

If you belong to a trade group, they will more than likely retain a list of industry-specific executive search firms to which they can refer you.

The Rokos Group Specializes in Healthcare to Fill the Top Positions in the Industry

At The Rokos Group, our principals focus exclusively on building relationships with organizations and individuals working in the healthcare industry. Experts in our field, we match the right candidates with the right positions in hospitals, clinics and healthcare administration across the the nation. For more information about listing your resume with The Rokos Group or retaining our services for your next executive or director-level candidate search, contact us today.