preparing your resume

preparing your resumeWhen preparing your resume for a specific job offering, you naturally tailor the content to cater to the opportunity’s specific role and requirements. When preparing a resume intended for retained executive search firms, you don’t know for which opportunities you might be considered. Bear in mind that these professionals focus on matching available positions with the right individuals to fill the roles. In your executive search firm resume, be honest about your qualifications, talents, and goals. Your resume should be impressive and should also set you up to find your next potential career move.

Three Emphases Essential to the Executive Resume

Make your resume for an executive recruiter like any other, top-heavy. In other words, put the most important details at the beginning.

1. Personal Brand

Provide a crystal-clear picture of what makes you tick: what motivates you, how you succeed, what you value in the workplace, and your career goals/anticipated job trajectory.

2. Leadership

Top-tier candidates must possess and demonstrate top-level leadership skills. Explain how you are able to strategize and communicate your vision to successfully earn buy-in. What is it about your personality, as a leader, that earns respect? How will you be able to set a positive cultural tone within the organization that hires you?

3. Story

You should also include short (very short) stories, in which you briefly describe challenges or problems you have faced, what actions you took to address them, and what resulted from the actions you took. If measurable, always quantify the end results (in terms of dollars, employees, hours, new clients attracted and retained, etc.); concrete numbers mean more to decision makers than abstract ideas.

Elevate Your First Impression with The Rokos Group

The Rokos Group, a premier retained executive search firm, presents each candidate to clients using a uniquely personal touch: video sharing technology. Video allows our candidates and clients to connect on a human, face-to-face level from the very first impression. With a written resume and an executive video introduction, our candidates have the unique opportunity to highlight their professional and personal strengths in a memorable format. Using video, candidates can represent themselves confidently and accurately, drawing a client’s attention to key details which might be glossed over when only a written resume is provided. Let our expert representatives match you with the perfect professional opportunity. Connect with The Rokos Group today.

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